Ping Pong Tricks

Do you have some special ping pong tricks that you would like to share with us and other ping pong fans?

If you do and feel like getting your name and tricks on the internet please send me an email in the contact form and I can post your tricks on the site.

9 Responses to “Ping Pong Tricks”

  1. Richard O'Bryan Says:

    I just started playing again with some high school boys. I am forty five. How do I counter attack a ball with a lot of spin on it.

  2. Steve (lghs brave) Says:

    When i serve i chop the ball upward and forward with my right hand. I try to get it just over the net and chop it really hard. Then if the opponent can hit it back i let the ball bounce high and I chop the ball in a half circle motion (giving it a good spin) , trying to alternate back hand and standard and keep them on there toes on where i hit the ball. If they hit the ball just right and it pops up high on your side of the table, spike it which usally is sucessful if you have good experience and accuracy.

    good luck – steve

  3. Mo Says:

    Try figure out what kind of spin they are using on you and then use the opposite spin on them. That should take care of it.

  4. erie Says:

    put the oppisite spin on it and let that sink in real good

  5. bob Says:

    i need help with my serve i want to put more spin on it

  6. Ethan Says:

    well it depends on the type of spin u want if it is backspin then bring the paddle up ,down and under the ball but if it is topspin just bring the paddle up hard. for sidespin just side your paddle across the ball. but however, it is illegal to spin with your hand.

  7. darren chapin Says:

    Keep the ping pong ball as low to the net as possible, so your opponett is unable to return the ball also if you are able, use a spin that just passes over the net to make it harder for your opponet to return the ball

  8. moe Says:

    just watch your opponents stance and position and apply the proper spin to the ball

  9. Vladimir Atreides Says:

    If you are confident with your slam return, go for deep slice. If you aim it well, they usually give you an easy shot. If you do it badly, you’ll need that slam return.

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