How to Win

How do I win in ping pong?

I usually have good leads on people and yet still lose; how do I prevent this from happening? Well the answer is simple, it’s all mental. If you keep your mind in the game whether your winning or losing, you are still going to have a better chance of winning then losing.

Key is keep your mind focused on every point, even easy shots or points should be taken seriously. If you were a head 15 -5, you still shouldn’t take it easy on your opponent or lose focus. That’s what defines champions, they give it all they got all the time.

Remember table tennis is a very tough mental game.

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  1. Emily Says:

    Hey, thanks for this. I think it helped me a lot- as a serious ping-pong player, I often find myself getting a one-point lead, then winning; vice-versa, when I’m losing by one point, then lose. I think ping-pong really IS all mental. Thanks again! 🙂

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